Saturday, April 27, 2013

Random Things (3)

This is Miles.

Well, not Miles himself, but a portrait of Miles by my brother Tom. Miles is my parents' cat. His full name is Miles "Burritos" Davis Cox. Don't ask.

I love this portrait of Miles because it captures his look of disdain and violence. But that look is deceiving, because Miles is very cuddly. In fact, he is an aggressive cuddler - when he wants you to love him, he will threaten you with claws in your face until you pay attention. Then he will situate himself on or near your head so you can adore him. He knows what he wants. But he looks tough.

The man himself.

We got Miles when he was a couple weeks old, and I was 18. He needed to be bottle fed because he was so young, and I woke up every hour in the night to feed him. And he is an ungrateful little bastard about it.

Until recently, Miles had a sabre tooth that stuck out of his mouth, which made him a big pimp. Unfortunately, it had to be removed and my parents, who are cruel, refused to replace it with a gold tooth as I had recommended.

You may have noticed that the portrait of Miles is quite good, by someone pretty talented. So, here is a bonus, another illustration by my brother: a beaver typing at a typewriter.

Think about that for a minute.


  1. I love Miles.
    And that Beaver typing drawing is pretty awesome too.

  2. I forgot about the beaver, that great beaver!


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