Monday, April 22, 2013

Vision complete

So, I think we are done with the nursery. Just one thing missing...

I could have straightened the rug. But, no.
What's missing? Well, it's not the chair that was in the original vision.

Clare chair from Macy's

No, we decided against the awesome blue chair because there's not really enough room. I still covet that chair though.

But it seems like we have everything else. Prints? check. Furniture? Check. Book ledges? Check.

From The Black Apple on Etsy

It looks like we have everything, except the baby. Well, the human baby at least, we already have Mr. Isambard K. Naqvi, Esq., cat baby.

Look what I did to your couch, and you still love me.
For the next 5 weeks until baby is expected (not a day late or a day early, buddy), we're just going to practice parenthood by pushing this bear around in a stroller like crazy people. Because the cat won't let us put him in it.

This is what normal people do, right?


  1. Looking great. I love the rug!

    Just sit back and enjoy your last few weeks of being able to do pretty much anything you want. You are in store for something wondeful once baby gets here but that doesn't mean you cant indulge in some selfish time now.

    1. Thanks! I have loved this rug for so long, that I'm happy to finally have an excuse to have it!

      I can't believe how little time I have left before baby gets here! I'm going to try and enjoy the quiet, but I'm also so impatient to see him!

  2. Looks great!

    Dakota has recently taken to destroying our couch as well. For years she was only interested in one tiny spot that was easily hidden but now every corner looks like a shredded mess. Cats!

    1. The good thing about this couch is that it has a nubby fabric, which masks the destruction slightly. But I also think that's the reason he likes to claw it. But everyone assures me a child will ruin our couch more, so maybe in a few years we'll get a new one.

  3. Looks great Abby! Enjoy these last few weeks. Can't wait to hear about Sir Handsome's arrival. xo


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