Wednesday, May 29, 2013


A few years ago, before I started my current job but after I had finished my last day at my old job, I took a week off to be a "lady who lunches". I talked up how I was a lady of leisure, of all the TV I was going to watch, of all the naps I would take, and friends who I would have lunch with. H. says that by 10 AM Monday morning I was emailing him that I was bored.

Unsurprisingly, sitting around waiting for baby got old pretty quick. Yesterday was my official due date, although we always suspected that it wasn't quite right anyway. I know, I know - don't tell me to enjoy this quiet time. I've savored my quiet time for the last 9 months. I am now ready to get a move on, and also start to resume a normal human shape.

My current shape/size is not unlike this old VW Beetle.
H. is home with me now too, but he is working from home so is mostly occupied while I read Buzzfeed, Twitter, take naps, eat Oreos and occasionally read a few pages of a book before falling asleep again.

We've been trying to occupy ourselves with small excursions and walks. Yesterday, we went to the doctor (fun!) and to see a play. Today we will either go to Trader Joe's or the post office. I've been looking up sewing projects to keep me busy, but I'm feeling uninspired.I have even, finally, allowed my phone to update it's software - that's how bored I am!

I've tried your usual self-induction techniques, including eating excessive amounts of pineapple, bouncing on an exercise ball, walking, and H. made me a spicy nihari. My friend Elissa suggests some deep squats, which I'll try this afternoon after today's excursion (we need to go to Trader Joe's).

Any-hou, we continue to wait. I have June 4 in my head, H. thinks June 2, and my mom suggested May 31 (my grandmother's birthday). I guess if any of us are truly psychic I'll have to think of a few more activities to keep us occupied.


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