Friday, May 24, 2013

Random Things (5)

Today I officially start my "maternity leave". I use quotation marks because,  while I am off work to have a baby, I'm hesitant to call it maternity leave. In fact, what it is according to my employer (and many others) is "short-term disability". That's a nice way of putting it, don't you think? And that's just the first 6 weeks. After that, because I work for a big company, they don't have to pay me, they just can't give my job to someone else. This country! Honestly, I still need someone to explain to me why American women are ok with this. We should be marching in the streets!

Anyway, that's not my point. I'm off work now until September, and I'm hoping this baby comes sooner, rather than later, because we don't have much time together before I'll be back at work, crying at my desk.

In honor of baby's impending arrival, I have a random baby thing to share. Something I got at the shower from "the cottage". What, your family cottage doesn't give you presents?

It's a blanket knit from scraps found at the cottage. I suspect my mom helped the cottage with this, because I've never noticed that the cottage had hands to do any knitting.

It even has an amazing cottage smell! I wish I could maintain that smell forever - for those days when I miss being at the cottage. It even came with a dried up cottage leaf - to make it even more legit!

Baby is pretty lucky to be born into a family of knitters (his mother not being one of them). Both grandmas and his aunt have already been knitting up some woolly delights for him, as well my BFF's mom. Come fall and winter, he'll be the coziest little bundle in Brooklyn. He'll even get to smell genuine cottage smell before his first visit there.

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