Thursday, August 1, 2013

That's some bad hat, Harry

I had this fantasy that when the little one came that I would sew him all kinds of adorable kid things. I soon discovered that there are very few cute sewing projects for baby boys. Tons for girls. Zippity for boys. I mean, why would I sew him a pair of pants when I could just as easily buy him a cheap pair that would look essentially the same? And it would take me longer to sew the pants than it would take for him to grow right out of those bad boys. I guess that can be said about just about any sewing project, but for reals: pickings are slim for cute boy projects.

However, necessity did point me in the direction of an easy little project for L. As the sun was shining on his head, and not finding a store nearby that sold baby-sized sun hats, I sought out a sewing pattern to protect that little noggin from the sun.

Enter this free pattern from Oliver + S, plus a hack to make it a touch easier from A Little Gray. And we have a reversible bucket hat for my little old man in waiting:

No, this is not just a lame attempt to share more pics of my baby. Totally not. Want another shot of that hat? Ok.

I'd show the reverse side, but I messed it up a bit so it's not great. But it does the job. I was actually going to make a second one now that I have the hang of the pattern, but I find most of my fabric is pretty girly, so I guess I'll have to order something a little manlier.

And sorry that I have no pics of the project in action. I was trying to get this done during naps, so it was a race against time!


  1. So cute! (and the hat ain't bad either!)

    This problem extends farther than just sewing patterns. When Vince was wee it didn't matter where I went or what store I shopped in, the baby girls' section was always 98934873267423594million times larger than the boys section. Even shoes.


    I honestly asked a store associate once when there were zip for gender neutral/boy winter boots and there was snow on the ground if their company thought all little boys just went barefoot and naked year round. It's absurd.

    1. I've noticed this too, and it sucks. I've bought Leo things in the girls' section. Who says boys prefer trucks over bunnies? Well, I prefer bunnies, and he doesn't care, but I know as he gets older I won't be able to do this as much. Someone told me that in Sweden kids' clothing sections don't have gender divisions at all - that would be fab!


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