Monday, September 2, 2013

Sumertime Sadness

Warning: if you get annoyed when people have babies and suddenly their blog is TOO MUCH about that baby, then click next NOW because it's about to get very bebe up in here.

Yesterday, somehow, my little L. baby turned 12 weeks old.

12 weeks ago
Today marks the end of summer (though, not technically) and also the last day of my maternity leave. Tomorrow I go back to work, and L. goes to daycare full time.

12 weeks old!
I've harped on enough about how the absence of paid maternity leave in this country infuriates me, and now it also depresses me. My baby will now spend most of his waking hours with someone else.

Do you have any Grey Poupon?
I've told myself everything I can think of to be positive about this: that it's easier on babies this young, that it's harder on mothers than on babies, that he has no concept of time, that I can wear lady clothes an new shoes and get back into grown up thinking. Nothing really makes me feel any better.

Laugh it off.
So, my only option is to win the lottery. Or become president. Or write to the president? Or maybe a woman president would right this wrong against working mothers? Hillary 2016? I don't know. I'll stop rambling and go back to sulking. As of tomorrow, that will be sulking at my desk.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks dude. Almost through the week, and it does get easier each day.

  2. I could have easily written the same post. It sucks but short of winning the lotto, Ill be one of the drones with you :)


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