Thursday, October 31, 2013

C'est L'Halloween

Seems about time for my monthly blog post. And good news, it's more baby stuff.

I'm a firm believer that Halloween costumes should be made, not bought. Or "made" by being cobbled together with stuff you found at the Goodwill. And until L. decides he wants to be Batman every year until he's 15, he will have to put up with my whims when it comes to costumes.

This year, L. attended a baby Halloween gathering in Sunset Park. He had/has a cold so he wasn't in a party mood, poor thing.

Do you see what Mr. L. is? Hes a tree. A damn cute tree.

The single sock look was his choice.
As you can tell, I totally made this costume from a toddler pajama pattern (with adjustments to make it smaller for a baby, and velcro instead of snaps).

My original plan was that he would be a log and I would be the Log Lady from Twin Peaks (greatest show ever).

My log saw something that night.
HOWEVER, I got a bit lazy and couldn't even be bothered to go looking for the perfect vintage cardigan that would basically encompass the entire costume. **THAT** is how lazy I can be. So, L. was a tree, and I was nothing.

But that's not all. I was inspired to do a second costume for L. Basically, just for you since he can't really go outside in this thing.

Bow before me.
Recognize him? Yes, he's Prince George!

You don't have to be a royal to have a fancy doily dress.

You may be wondering if I glued a bunch of paper doilies together for this costume. NO. I sewed a bunch of paper doilies together. And if you're wondering how long a paper doily dress lasts on a four month old, the answer is about 30 seconds.

Mmmm, rippy.
Ok, Happy Halloween! And to sign off, if you were ever a French immersion student, or French (maybe just French Canadian?), you've probably been singing this old gem all day.


  1. I LAUGHED. OUT LOUD. At the Prince George costume. My office mate also agreed that it's hilarious.

  2. OMG - I'd totally forgotten about the Halloween song!!! Jeez - we used to sing it every year :)


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