Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Oh, blog you say?

Sorry friends, it’s been a crazy month (!!). The new life routine of working mom is hard. And tiring. Do you want to hear about my daily schedule for a minute?

5:30 AM – Wake up. Shower, if necessary. Feed cat. Prepare bottles for daycare. Eat breakfast, if possible.
6 AM – Make sure kid and husband are up. Blow dry hair, if necessary.
6:20 AM – Get dressed.
6:30 AM – Feed kid. Get kid dressed.
6:50 (ish) AM – Leave house. Get on train. Go one stop. Get off train. Walk 5 blocks to daycare.
7:15 (ish) AM – Drop kid off at daycare. Walk 5 blocks back to train. Get on train.
8 AM – Be at work
8 AM – 4 PM - Work work work all day, drink lots of coffee, pump pump pump.
4 PM – Leave work (repeat subway, walk 5 blocks)
4:45 PM – Get kid (repeat 5 block walk, subway)
5 PM – Feed kid.
6-7 PM – Eat dinner, play with kid.
7 PM – Bath and bed time.
7-8 PM – Try to make kid go to sleep time!
8 PM – Relax time. And by “relax” I mean clean and prep bottles for the next day, tidy the apartment if necessary, stare into space, write on blog, if necessary.
10 PM – Bed time, if I can last that long.

Oh, and I didn’t include the fun parts of the night when I’m up and feeding the kid again. Thanks, sleep regression!

Ok, well that was longer than I had intended.

Also this past month we’ve enjoyed one barfing disease and two colds. Daycare!

Anyway. On top of that, we flew to Seattle due to a family emergency for 5 days. Don’t worry, it’s ok. But the crazy part is, we came back from Seattle, and then had to fly there AGAIN 3 days later for my best friend’s wedding. Ay carumba. So, my little 4 month old man has already logged about 9,632 miles in the air. In a span of 10 days. And can I tell you? He was a pro. 

You know, when you travel with a baby on a plane, there is a look of absolute fear on the face of the person sitting next to you when they realize they just got on a cross-country flight next to a baby. And all of the people who sat next to us on those flights, after getting to the other side and hearing hardly a peep from the little mister, congratulated us on having such a good baby. And I accept those congratulations as though I did anything to make him so good.

Once it became apparent that the family emergency was under control, it became an odd little unexpected vacation. Except, that sounds really strange to say because we flew there under such stress. But anyway, my sister-in-law was keeping a Seattle secret from me: Seattle has the greatest Goodwill EVER. The most giant, the most well-organized, the best collection of pure, magical junk. Just look at my treasures!

Dansk coffee pot

pottery pitcher

Brass vase
And yes, I took those pics on top of the record player, hence the reflection of a record in the shiny bits. 

The Goodwill was so good, in fact, that when we flew back for the wedding a few days later, I demanded we go again! Second trip not as successful, but it was good to look at the junk again. I do love junk.

And my friend’s wedding, on an island 100 miles north of Seattle, was pretty magic too. This was the view we woke up to in the mornings:

And this is the view of my little man dressed up for his first wedding. That smile! That round little face! That bow-tie (made by yours truly)!
 And this is a view of the Naqvis, all dressed up. We clean up nice, eh?

Anyhous. I have 3 sewing projects at the moment. If I ever finish any of them, I might even have something to blog about. Fancy that!

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