Saturday, November 23, 2013

It all falls apart (and how to ignore it)

So, got a funny email this morning. But not funny. They forgot the funny. Our daycare has been closed. Like, forcefully closed. Their license was suspended and as of right this second we have nowhere to put L. come Monday. So, that's nice, right?

What a fabbo way to start my day (at 5:30 am, no less), a day when H. was heading off to a conference for 4 days. A day when my cat was secretly plotting to barf all over the floor. Great. Fantastique.

What I had wanted to do this morning, before H. caught his train, was create these nifty little flower sachets that I had spotted on the Purl Bee blog:

Image via Purl Bee
Last night I spent a very long time watching crappy Friday night tv, and some weird Werner Herzog documentary that H. put on, cutting millions of little petals

We are doing an office Secret Santa. Don't you love Secret Santa? But my department is international, so it's an international Secret Santa. And the spend limit is $8. What can you buy for $8? No really, I want to know. Not even a book. Not even a palatable bottle of wine. Not even a decent box of chocolates. So, I thought I'd make these, and give my secret person one.

Anyhou. This morning's news kind of distracted me. But I thought I would try and make some headway. I had materials for 16 sachets.

My little helper by my side:

But I was distracted, and things went slightly awry.

Felt is tricky, it sticks to other felt, so not my fault.

But some turned out nicely.

But I'm not done. I haven't turned them into little pillows of scented bliss yet. In fact, I haven't even chosen what scented bliss I'm going to stuff them with. Probably lavender, because I like it. That's the only reason.

So, yes, I'm posting about shiz I haven't even finished. But it's Saturday night, I'm waiting for my dinner to arrive, my husband is out of town and I'm trying not to think about the impending doom of childcare. FML.

So, tell me what you would buy your Secret Santa for $8.


  1. I think they turned out cute!! Maybe Ill make a couple stuffed with catnip for my cats to destroy :) For $8 I would probably bake something, but thats a little hard to send internationally.

    Sigh, so what happens on Monday? Where does one suddenly place a baby?? You poor thing!! Do you know what happened at the daycare?

    1. Aw thanks! Yeah, they would make good catnip sachets too!

      Monday I'll work from home, and tour a few other daycares. Tuesday... well, fingers crossed Monday goes well! From what I understand, someone called the city and complained, and when they came to inspect they found a few violations. This was a very popular and long-standing daycare in the neighborhood, so it's pretty surprising and upsetting!

  2. Oh gosh. That sounds awful!! Hopefully the infractions can be rectified and they can reopen soon? Is that even an option? Otherwise a lot of employers have a relationship with kids and co which is expensive but provides back up daycare for ppl who work for participating companies.

    1. I'm not sure how/when/if they will sort it all out, and if it will be in time. Luckily, we have a babysitter coming tomorrow and it's a short week because of the holiday, so Weds, Thurs and Fri are no problem. Hopefully by next Monday we'll be sorted!

  3. What a huge pain in the ass about the daycare - and sad too. I'm sure you (and Leo) liked the people there.

    These little felt dudes are really cute. I second Casey's idea...I could totally make some of these filled with catnip for Meowzer. She's destroyed her catnip turtle so she's in the market for something new.

    1. Yeah, we'll definitely miss some of those nice ladies! It sucks, but luckily he's young and adaptable, so hopefully he'll just take it all in stride!

      They are pretty easy to make, but a bit fiddly with all the little pieces!


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