Sunday, November 10, 2013

My for real Christmas wish list

Christmas is such a nice time with family and friends and food, and presents. Most importantly presents. I'm not going to dance around the fact that I love presents. I cultivate my wish list year-round like a garden. Adding things, taking things out, nurturing my list so that when November comes around it is a perfectly-selected list of things I wish for in my life. Besides, you know, peace, happiness, health, food, Oreos, etc.

I actually debated whether it would be tacky to post my Christmas wish list here. But once upon a time I started my blog to list the things I wanted and couldn't have because I was saving money. So, effff that, I decided I would share my materialistic/consumerist greed list right here for all to see. This is my Christmas wishlist:

The to-wear stuff:

The books:

For my home:

The mom gear:

The never gonna happen:

I think I've had a digital SLR camera on my wish list for about ten years. For some reason my family isn't keen to drop so many benjamins on one for me. Weird.

Anyhou, that's my wishlist. Wish me luck!

1 comment:

  1. I have that same tote "favorited" on Etsy!

    Also, I've had "C'est l'Halloween" in my head for weeks and I blame you.


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