Saturday, November 9, 2013

OK, now I really am hoarding furniture

We have a nice, big apartment. Bigger than many NYC apartments. And it is totally full of stuff. Totally. And completely. And we don't need any furniture. But yet...

You may recall how hard we looked for record cabinets, or you can read about it here and here. Anyhou, it was hard. And H. likes to collect records. So, when I spotted an unusual mid-century record cabinet online recently, well, I thought we had better buy it. Right now, we don't have any records to put in it, and we don't really have anywhere to put it. But, we have it.

It's not going to live in this spot, because it doesn't fit. But it's a decent enough photo of it.

Next year, we probably won't be living in this apartment anymore. While we love our big, sunny apartment - lugging a baby up four flights is one thing, lugging a toddler will be another. And, it's nice to think about a time when naps and sleeps won't be interrupted by the constant scream of sirens. So, next year, we will likely move to the (gasp!) 'burbs.

We're assuming that we'll have more space when we move. So, thinking ahead, and knowing how hard it was to find a record cabinet last time, we went ahead and bought something we had no space for, and no immediate need for.

We decided on a space in the living room, which meant moving the microwave cart, and a bookshelf in the kitchen, and then the record player itself - which is now in the kitchen, just to make space. But here she is:

Don't look too closely - besides the fact that it's just storing stuff at the moment (read: unstyled!), there's a dust bunny convention in the corner.

But there we have it: I am a furniture hoarder. Does this mean I can have a china cabinet now?


  1. No shame in hoarding furniture. I have to hold myself back as well! I like the cabinet- its very chic

  2. I really like that piece. I fight every instinct I have to avoid furniture hoarding but its a tough battle. I don't blame you for losing the fight every once in a while :)

    1. Sometimes you just have to snatch things up when they appear!


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