Friday, August 16, 2013

Random Things (7)

Every time we go to the cottage we stop into nearby Rosseau, ON to visit the general store and scope out the antiques.

  A few years ago I found this guy:

It's hard to take a photo with the reflection. Let's try and angle:

As you can see, this is a dapper gent standing in the snow, taking a swig of something that I bet is quite warming.

They told me this had originally been from a set of three photos, one was a man playing a banjo. Argh! I wish I had all three! They also told me the photos were taken in Orrville, which is closer to where our family cottage is located. It's my cottage souvenir.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Bethlehem Steel

Being on maternity leave, I spend a lot of time on the internet. A lot of that time is on Twitter, or on Facebook, or reading blogs. And a lot of it is spent on eBay.

I've mentioned before that I spent some of my childhood in Bethlehem, PA, where my dad worked for the steel company. And sometimes I like to browse eBay for old Bethlehem Steel tchotkes. Recently I discovered old photos being sold by the archives of The Morning Call and Baltimore Sun newspapers. I think some of them could make cool, inexpensive artwork.

My faves:

From The Morning Call archives, item #AAU-111-MC

From the Baltimore Sun archives - item #BJF-901-BS
From The Morning Call photo archives - item #AAU-074-MC
From The Baltimore Sun photo archives - item #AEB-844-BS

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Floor Toupee

When it comes to buying stuff, especially furniture, I really don't have to give it too much thought before I buy. I just tell H. what's going to happen, and buy it. For some reason though, this impulsive furniture shopping doesn't apply to rugs. With a rug I need to hmm, and mmm and uhhhhhh for months or years before taking a leap.

When we got married, H's aunt and uncle in Pakistan gave us a lovely little rug that's been in our living room ever since. Izzy loves this rug. Maybe a little too much, and over the years its location in a high traffic area has left it a little worse for wear than we'd like.

Recently I shared my concerns about the state of the rug with H, and we decided to give it a good shampoo, and move it to a safer spot like the bedroom. Izzy still loves it, and carefully weaves his furs deep into it, but there will no longer be dinners dropped on it while we eat in front of the tv.

But then I needed to replace the rug in the living room. Ages ago I admired this bright red rug that I saw in an Apartment Therapy home tour:

Danielle and Derek's Somerville Sanctuary, Apartment Therapy
One of my biggest regrets after visiting Turkey was that we didn't buy a rug. So much regret. But we were so poor. So very poor. Next time I go to Turkey I will buy a rug! Anyway, I had an idea that I could get a similarly bright Turkish kilim-type rug for our living room, and sought out some options.

Aksaray kilim from Furbish Studio
Diamond kilim from Pottery Barn
But knowing that I have a wicked little cat who likes to sharpen his razor-like claws on rugs, I didn't want to get too spendy on something that might not live too long. So, I started looking at cheaper alternatives, like these:

Diamond red jute rug from Overstock

Indo kilim from Overstock
But no, nothing seemed right. And then, I saw a rug at West Elm, ran it past H. quickly, and purchased it.

Yeah, I went in a totally different direction. From the idea of bright red, to a neutral with the "Mini Pebble Wool Jute" rug from West Elm. And I loooove it. And Izzy can't get his little claws into it. Happiness!

Yes, I realize that I have a dark cat and a little kid and I bought a light colored rug, which I probably will curse about in a few months. But I don't care. Not yet, anyway!

Anyway, because it makes me laugh, I want to share the "before" photo of my living room before I took that picture of the new rug. Because, let's be real, my living room never actually looks like that. It looks like this:

And while I was taking that staged photo, this is what was off to the side - all variety of baby seating!

So, how long do you think it will be before I have to buy a new rug because my cat and kid have destroyed this one? Any guesses?

Friday, August 2, 2013

Random Things (6)

Two posts in one week! Well, don't get too excited, H. is watching Flash Gordon (ugh) and I have to occupy myself somehow.

Over my many weeks' absence, I often told myself to post a 'Random Things' post, just to get something up, because it's not that hard to take a photo and throw it up here. But I didn't. And now here is a Random Thing for you, and maybe it will jump start some kind of regular activity around here.

This was an item that once belonged to my great aunt. Do you know what it is? It's an ash tray with an olde time-y public/street urinal on it. Classy, right? She bought it in Paris, I believe, which is probably why it's so classy, yet also so crude, in equal measure.

Now, I must resume shaking my head at Flash Gordon.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

That's some bad hat, Harry

I had this fantasy that when the little one came that I would sew him all kinds of adorable kid things. I soon discovered that there are very few cute sewing projects for baby boys. Tons for girls. Zippity for boys. I mean, why would I sew him a pair of pants when I could just as easily buy him a cheap pair that would look essentially the same? And it would take me longer to sew the pants than it would take for him to grow right out of those bad boys. I guess that can be said about just about any sewing project, but for reals: pickings are slim for cute boy projects.

However, necessity did point me in the direction of an easy little project for L. As the sun was shining on his head, and not finding a store nearby that sold baby-sized sun hats, I sought out a sewing pattern to protect that little noggin from the sun.

Enter this free pattern from Oliver + S, plus a hack to make it a touch easier from A Little Gray. And we have a reversible bucket hat for my little old man in waiting:

No, this is not just a lame attempt to share more pics of my baby. Totally not. Want another shot of that hat? Ok.

I'd show the reverse side, but I messed it up a bit so it's not great. But it does the job. I was actually going to make a second one now that I have the hang of the pattern, but I find most of my fabric is pretty girly, so I guess I'll have to order something a little manlier.

And sorry that I have no pics of the project in action. I was trying to get this done during naps, so it was a race against time!
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