Sunday, January 26, 2014

Dining rooms

One thing I like to daydream about, is the day when I will have a dining room. And in that dining room, I will have a dining room table. I like to go through eBay and admire all the mid century dining room tables, and watch all the ones I want.

The other day I stumbled on these Thonet bentwood chairs, for a decent price. Now I'm daydreaming that someone will buy them for me.

Available from eBay
Then I can put them in my pretend dining room.

Here's a nice set from Etsy:

From CoMod on Etsy
If someone goes ahead and buys these for my upcoming birthday, I can start looking around for a table to go with.

But let's be honest - a dining room? We eat at the coffee table like civilized folk.

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