Friday, January 10, 2014


Buddies, you are not going to believe this. I am writing this post From MY BED. In my jammies. It's 8:33 PM on a Friday. Jealous? Yeah. My husband is conferencing, my babe is sleeping, my cat is sitting in the other room for no good reason, and I am living it up!

Let's talk about mugs. I like them. They hold my coffee, or my tea, or occasionally my hot chocolate. My parents always had a hodge podge assortment of mugs collected from all over, gifted and whatnot. My best friend's house did too - and hers were more interesting. They had little quirks like ceramic critters at the bottom, that would appear when your hot chocolate got low enough. And we used to fight about who got what mug.

I like how the different mugs all had quirks and stories, and I'm slowly trying to build a collection of mugs with stories. I like to browse Etsy for them - it's a real mug paradise. Here are some faves:

Mug in steel grey by kimwestad
The Copenhagen Coffee Mug in Cream by paperandclaystudio
extra large ceramic tumbler / mug without handles / coffee or tea cup by meilencolaborative
 And then obviously, the greatest mug of all. The Queen Bey of mugs:

Wheel thrown mug with image of Beyonce (sold :( ) by rothshank
I'm so sad about that Beyonce mug. I really did want it, and was going to ask H. to get it for me for my impending birthday. Dang. Too sad too bad.

Good news though, the cat has finally come into bed with me so all is right with the world. Besides, you know, H. being out of town.

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