Wednesday, January 15, 2014


I remember going to see Return of the Jedi when I was 4. My family, and my best friend and her mom. I fell asleep, which I did for all movies, and still do for most. My best friend (still my best friend to this day) maintains that she was furious at me, because she was scared and I was asleep.

Anyway. When we moved into our awkward pre-teen years, I moved to Star Trek for my #1 geek obsession, while she chose Star Wars for her #1. I'd say Star Wars was my #2 geek obsession. Quantum Leap #3.

Flash forward! Now I have a kid and it's only right that I force my childhood likes onto him. Let me make something clear, though. Star Wars IV, V and VI only, as those are the only ones I recognize.

So, recently I spotted this print and I said "yes, I want that".

SPACE COWBOY silkscreen print from concepcionstudios
So, yes I secretly bought it and didn't tell H. Well he knows now! Maybe when he's older, I'll put it in the baby's room. Or, I really bought it for myself, which is increasingly likely.

If I do put it in L.'s room, I could also buy this amusing sheet set. Or is that too much? It's too much. But I like the Vader quilt.

Star Wars Darth Vader Quilt - Pottery Barn Kids
It's not like L. is unfamiliar with his parents' childhood amusements already.

AtAt Walker onesie from TypsyGypsyTees
If that sheet set were Star Trek, I would already own them. No joke. I guess Star Trek isn't owned by Disney now, though, so they haven't yet hopped on the parental memory lane marketing bandwagon just yet.

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