Friday, April 25, 2014

Me likey

Ever since I came into possession of some bisque vases a few years back, I've added bisque ceramics to my regular searches. I'm not simply looking at bisque vases anymore, but a variety of ceramic objets. Here are a few I've been ogling lately.

Vintage Porcelain White Owl Vase - Wolf Karnagel for Rosenthal Studio Linie from 1001vintage
Ball-shaped mid-century Eschenbach vase from Designclassics24
Bisque Eschenbach from wohnraumformer
Then I found these ladies. Oh la la! Or, whatever the German version of "oh la la" is.

G. Schliepstein Rosenthal Swimmer Nude Porcelain Figurine Art Deco 1936 from StevieSputnik
Antique Rare German Bisque Nude Bathing Beauty Figurine 4710 1920s from Swansdowne

Now, if I only had all the monies. And all the shelves. And a professional do come and dust all my tchotchkes.

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