Friday, April 18, 2014

More Roar

When we decided on L's name, I told H. that he would forever be given things lion things. It's hardly the worst animal in the world to be associated with - who doesn't appreciate a large bearded kitty?

But who knew that I would be the #1 culprit at buying those lion things? I can't resist sometimes. So, here's a collection of lion paraphernalia that I've favorited recently (or flat-out bought already - though I haven't justified the $100 pillow yet).

Clockwise: Lion shirt from Mini Boden (no longer available), personalized little lion print from LeoLittleLion on Etsy, Robeez Curious Lion soft-soled shoes, hand knitted lion toy from Karenhandmade on Etsy, gold lion baseball tee from IndieNook on Etsy, Jonathan Adler Needlepoint pillow
Oh, and I can't forget one of the most important lion-themed items in any boy's (or girl's) collection: the Snoop Lion shirt.

From OuttoPlayKids on Etsy

When L. was born and we told our doctor his name, my doctor asked if we named him that because we love cats so much. Well, I'm thrilled that my doctor recognizes the catlady in me, but no. Depending on who you ask, he's named after either McGarry or Tolstoy.

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  1. I'm due in June and want to plan a trip for Match next year. Thank you for this post! I think it might convince the hubby it's a go!


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