Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Travel Bug

By the time L is one (next month!), he will have been on 12 flights, to 5 states and 4 countries. By the time he’s 13 months old, it’ll be 14 flights. This fact blows me away, since I didn’t go on my first flight until I was 8 years old (from Newark airport to the Toronto Island airport – back in ’88!). 

I hope that we’re able to continue to show L the world, as traveling is one of life’s greatest experiences, and I want him to grow up with the same wanderlust that his parents have. 

L. looks down over London as we land.

At the end of next week, we’re off on a short trip to Savannah, GA. People keep asking us why we’re going there, and there’s really no reason. It is supposed to be beautiful. It’s warm. It’s interesting and historical. It’s new to us. It’s not too far away. The flight was on sale. Those are the reasons. 

We’ve rented a small 200-year old cottage in the historic district for our short stay. After booking it, I’ve discovered that it’s allegedly haunted, though I feel like Savannah is one of those places where everything is allegedly haunted. I’ll let you know if we spot any ghosts. Ghosts – if you’re reading – no need to drop by. 

Next month we’ll be celebrating L’s first birthday in Pennsylvania with my parents and H’s mom. It’s another long weekend trip on the schedule, and I’m looking forward to getting out of the city, sticking my toes in the grass and eating cake with family. Lots of cake and also ice cream.

We’ve also just booked a long weekend in Toronto in July. H feels like we’re only in Toronto when it’s cold, or on the way to the cottage, and he hasn’t really had much opportunity to explore Toronto. So, we’re going to spend 4 days introducing the husband and babe to the home town. I’m thinking we’ll go to the islands, since I haven’t been there since about 1995. Any other fun summer in Toronto suggestions?

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  1. That sounds like a great trip to me! Especially the haunted part. I booked a hotel room in Boston for a bachelorette party last summer and the other girls were upset that the hotel was reportedly haunted. I was like, dang- thats why I picked it!! :)

    we saw no ghosts


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