Thursday, July 10, 2014


Oh, hey.

It's July 10. More than halfway through the year. Maybe I should visit my 2014 goals. And, spoiler alert, it ain't going well.

Before I get to that, we recently had a chance to spend an extra long weekend in the hometown.

Hey good lookin'.
H. had been complaining that we only go to Toronto when it's cold. True. When we do go in the summer, it's usually just a pit stop on the way to the cottage. So, we flew up and got to spend some time with my family, visiting Riverdale Farm, the Toronto Islands, browsing used bookstores on College Street, walking through Kensington Market, playing Taboo with my wildly smart friend, and even got to attend my nephew's 3rd birthday party! It was pretty pretty great.

L. especially had a nice time in the T-Dot. I'd say his favorite parts were: hugging my parents' very patient cat, morning walks in Riverdale Park to look at the dogs and the Loblaws at Maple Leaf Gardens which seemed to bring him endless joy. And all the delicious, fresh local strawberries. 

Also while in the 416 my father lectured me on my poor blog grammar and my mom complained that I never post on my blog. Ouch. Well, thanks for reading, Mom and Dad!

OK, now my mid-year progress/non-progress. Here are my goals for the year.

1. Get a driver's license. 
Nope. No progress. HOWEVER, I do have an appointment at the DMV tomorrow to get a new learner's permit, because mine expired like 2 years ago. So, that's kind of progress?

2. Learn Photoshop. 

3. Write more bloggy posts. 
Well, I have posted more than this time last year. And my goal of 100 this year is not impossible, although I did want to hit 50 by July 1, and only got to 31. I can do it, I think.

4.  Go a month without sugar. 
Hahaha! I've dabbled in sugarless living, let's say. I went about ten days. And then I went to Toronto and basically lived on an all-cake diet. I keep making excuses, like 'this event is coming up and there will be cake', or 'we are going on vacation and I have to enjoy'. But no more! Maybe the time has come? But maybe not, because we really are going to an event in a few weeks and I will have to eat ice cream.


  1. Hahaha! I know all about dad's who critique spelling and grammar!
    What about giving up sugar for 6 out of seven days in a week if you have an event?

    1. I suspect some dads like the opportunity to chastise their grown children about spelling! Oh, that's a good idea about the 6/7 rule! I might give that a try!

  2. But hey, new job though, right? Not too shabby.


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