Friday, July 11, 2014


I didn't really shop much on this trip to Toronto. I often go and load up on CanLit, or shop at Canadian stores like Jacob (aw, sad), but not this time. However I did pick up a couple small souvenirs in Kensington Market.

It had been a long time since I visited Kensington.

Photos by Ronny Jaques, via the Kensington Market Historical Society

Well, maybe not that long. But I can tell you the exact date. August 14, 2003. I remember because it was the day of the 2003 blackout, and my friend and I went to Kensington, then tried to have lunch at the Red Room, but were thwarted by the blackout. We then walked all the way back to my parents' house in Cabbagetown, past all the streetcars stalled in the tracks, and the random people directing traffic. We also popped into the Hydro Building (now Ontario Power Building, apparently) to use the washrooms, and it/they were open though the place was completely dark.

Incidentally, I can also remember my first trip to Kensington Market. I was in grade 9 and I went with my friend Luisa to buy some cool duds like flannel shirts and army surplus jackets. I'll even wager that I was wearing a flannel shirt and jean cutoffs. Just a guess.

Anyhou, I digress. My point is that had been a long time, and yeah it has changed a lot. I seem to remember Augusta Street being kind of uninteresting. That's changed.

We went into Kid Icarus, and I'm sure everyone in Toronto is like ' yeah, we know that place is awesome', but I didn't know. I didn't! And it is. If my child hadn't been on his way to a heat-induced temper tantrum, I would have spent a lot longer in there, and a lot more money. There's always next time.

I picked up these few little souvenirs there, though:

I love them all. H. also got something, but he's already taken it to his office to keep at his desk so it's not included. Anyway, how cute are these? Canada buttons, which I have no intention of sharing, a Guelph magnet for memories of the big G, and a little Toronto notepad. In all honesty, I never even use notepads, but I will bring this to my (new!*) office on Monday and keep it on my desk.

Anyway, let's digress again, where were you during the great blackout? Don't you kind of wish it would happen again?

* Yes, a subtle mention that I am starting an exciting new job next week. Yay, me!


  1. Congrats on the new job! I use a note pad constantly at my office because my memory is terrible

    1. Thanks! I use a big notepad too, but this seems small and too cute for that kind of note-taking.

  2. The great blackout - I had returned the day before from my Indian adventure and was out getting some retail therapy with my mom. I remember going out for a walk after dinner with my parents, and meeting random people and talking about how weird it was and wondering how long it would last. Turns out in our case it was about 24 hours.

    1. That was one of the fun things about that day - talking to random strangers!


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