Monday, September 15, 2014

street meat

By my count there are 106 days left in 2014, and that's 106 days to cover about 64 posts as promised in my goals for the year. So, with a little side-eye to myself, let's be optimistic about that.

I've been thinking for awhile that I should write a post about our neighborhood in Brooklyn, and our favorite spots. Surely that day will come sometime, but not today. Today is just a glimpse.

We live in Sunset Park, in Brooklyn, which may or may not be up and coming, gentrifying, hipster-fying, or yuppify-ing, depending on who you ask. Well, I have many thoughts on it but now is not the time. What you should know in the immediate is that Sunset Park is a very Hispanic (largely Mexican and Dominican) and also very Chinese, with a huge Chinatown. Hey, you might think, that's quite a mix. It is. Some argue that this is the neighborhood to visit when you went the best tacos in the city, or the best dumplings.

Anyway, on Sunday the neighborhood B.I.D. organized a massive street fair along 5th Ave, the neighborhood's main retail stretch. I once read that there's a street fair every weekend somewhere in NYC, and I'd believe it. And if you've ever stumbled on more than one you might have noticed that they are always the same. The same gyros, the same plastic fruit magnets, the same everything. But the one in our neighborhood is slightly different, because the local business have a much larger presence, so the neighborhood is actually represented in the street fair. Fancy that.

Here, I present to you, a glimpse at Sunset Park's 5th Avenue Street Fair, September 14, 2014.

from this stand we bought an overpriced "Viva Mexico!" pinwheel for L.

Somehow we missed the pony rides though. Shame.

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