Friday, September 12, 2014

What a week

Yes, what a week. Thank Jeeeeebus it's Friday. Let me fill you in quickly.

Well, one nice thing. Last Saturday my best friend since the age of 3 had a baby, so yay! Anyway, the rest of the week sucked.

Sunday, L. woke up with a fever of 103.5. That's high, and while he was ok mostly, he was very clingy and needed his mama, poor thing. And that night he had to sleep in our bed, which meant he slept but us not so much.

Monday, still feverish so home from daycare, and I was home from work. He was even more clingy, wasn't able to nap for more than 20 minutes at a time, and increasingly grumpy, so it was a hard day. On top of that, I had some work things that needed immediate attention. I'm proud to say I figured out how to make an animated GIF in Photoshop, one handed while holding a napping sicko.

Tuesday, no fever but even more clingy and grumpy. Major meltdowns. A visit to the doctor: nothing wrong. Tuesday night, almost no sleep. Screaming meltdowns at all hours.

Wednesday, grumpiness reaches all time high. Climax of grump.

Thursday, things mildly better. As I am heading home from work, walk down stairs to subway, step on shard of glass that goes through the sole of my show and punctures my foot. Blood ensues. I hobble back up the stairs into a drug store and buy a first aid kit and sit on the pedestrian plaza applying antibacterial gunk to my foot and imagine what life will be like when this foot needs to be amputated. Get L. home from daycare to discover a rash all over his neck, cheeks, back. Panicked mom calls the doctor, but it's nothing to worry about - common after fevers. But still, FML.

Friday, well things are better. Tonight he was back to his sweet, funny self. Thank you Jebus.

Oh, and where the hell did August go? Where was I? I don't even know. Maybe I took a summer vacay. Here's a breakdown.

Early in August we spent a weekend in Bethlehem, PA and attended Musikfest, a 10 day music festival. Well, we just attended two days. I grew up going to Musikfest, and spent many a boozey, beery eve with my BFF there in my 20s. I saw some pretty stellar acts over the years - Ray Charles, Little Richard, Tom Jones, the Village People, HALL & OATES.

'Festing with a tot is a different story. We saw about ten minutes of a Rolling Stones cover band before we had to abort mission. But we ate gyros, chipwiches, fried food.

What else? Kitten drama. One morning while heading to drop L. at daycare, I noticed two pretty (adult) cats sitting on the sidewalk. This isn't common in my neighborhood - you see feral cats all the time, but these two looked cared for. L. loves cats, so we stopped and admired them, and then I noticed they were sitting next to a box in the garbage (it was garbage day). I looked in the box - two kittens.

Someone had put them in the garbage, and I assume the two adult cats were their parents. Well, I did what any catlady would do: I took them. I brought them up to the apartment. Then I did what probably most catladies would not do: I took a bag of breastmilk out of the freezer and fed it to them via dropper.

in my work clothes

I know you can get cat formula, but this was about 7 am and I don't keep kitten formula on hand. I didn't know how long they had been in the box or when they had last eaten, so I wasnted to get something in them.

Anyhou, I then spent the morning trying to find a place that would take them, but was told they were too young for shelters because there aren't enough fosters. So, I bought some formula, some cat baby bottles and tried to figure out what I was going to do. Thank Jebus for social media, because friends started sharing the story and I was able to find a home for one of them that night. The other one, who was weaker, died the next day. I think they were just too young to be taken from their mom. Poor baby.

What else. Well, we have completely re-arranged our apartment, and now have a dining table and dining area. In the olden days of this blog I would have blogged that shit immediately, but now... well, I'd have to clean my apartment so it's difficult. But here's a sneak peek?

No chairs yet though.

In other news, L. continues to grow and walk, run, & climb. He knows his animal sounds, and does a mean fake sneeze - achoo! You'll notice no photos: I am having that internet age-old moral dilemma of sharing his photo online. I'm unsure of my decision. But I do share his gorgeous mug on Instagram and Facebook - both locked up. So, I don't know where I stand yet.

H. and I have managed, finally, to take up running again. We stopped when I was about 10 weeks pregnant and was advised not to by my doctor. Now, almost two years later it's good to pick it up again, though much harder to get in the time, not to mention having to go by myself while H. stays with the babe.

OK, long rambling post, all to say it's September, guuuurl.

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