Saturday, October 4, 2014

On my way

L. isn't super into watching TV. A good thing, I know, but sometimes it would be nice if he sat still for a few minutes. He has shown a growing interest in Barney*, but mostly for the songs. When there's no singing, he's back to his bucket list item of stepping on the cat.

Thursday morning I got a call from the daycare - L. has a fever, come pick him up. Suddenly, I found myself with a surprise afternoon with my little lion. What to do? First I thought we would go to the post office, but one major meltdown as I opened the door and I knew it wasn't in the cards. Enter: YouTube.

L. has never shown any interest in Sesame Street, but I recently started downloading apps to entertain him on our upcoming flight to London, and one of them is an Elmo singing thing. And he loves it.

So, Thursday afternoon and I'm browsing Sesame Street's YouTube channel, playing various Elmo songs for him. And I played this for him: Janelle Monae, "Power of Yet":

Listen, the boy is obsessed. There are about 420,000 views of this video, and 20,000 are us. He's completely transfixed on it, and at the end will stand up and clap. What is it? Yes, Elmo is there, but he also likes seeing all the puppets at the end. Mostly, I think he likes the song and Janelle Monae's cool moves (and tux, maybe).

Personally, I prefer this one: Feist "1, 2, 3, 4":

L. likes this one too, but there's no standing ovations at the end.

*I thought watching Barney over and over again would be more awful. Maybe I'm immune, but I don't really think it's that awful. However, Baby Bop and B.J. make me feel punchy, and I find myself weirdly fascinated by the kids on the show, and wondering where they are now.


  1. My niece fell in love with this show called Toopy and Binoo when she was around 2. Thus far I hadnt minded 4 square or bubble guppies or other baby/kids shows. BUT OMG I CANNOT STAND TOOPY AND BINOO. Thankfully I think she has moved on now. I wonder if she watches Sesame yet...

  2. I just got sucked into the Sesame Street Youtube vortex. So many cute things!


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