Tuesday, January 27, 2015

my for-real birthday wish list.

It's just over two weeks until my birthday, so an opportune time to share my real birthday wishlist. This was also a chunk of my Christmas wish list, but obviously that didn't turn out... Also didn't get that DSLR camera that's been on my list for about 5 years. Hmpf.

I believe both my parents and my husband have already gotten me other presents for my birthday, and since they are the only ones who buy me presents, I don't actually believe I'll be getting any of these! Oh well, more birthday presents from me to me, I guess.

First up is a bunch of bling. I just typed that blong, and I should have kept it because I was digging it.

Let's start with earrings.

Arc Earrings from TinyArmour

Gold Love Knots from vintagestampjewels

Circle Drop Earrings from Popsicledrum

Brass U Bar earrings from DeuceFashion

Brass Bar Earrings from LauraLombardiJewelry
I wasn't allowed to get my ears pierced until I was 13 (despite begging), and then I didn't do it until I was 14. Then I went a little crazy and had about 12 holes in my ears. Then I let them close up, and got single holes re-pierced in university, after which I rocked huge chendelier earrings for most of my 20s. Now I haven't really worn earrings much for the last few years, but my interest has been slowly coming back. Alas, I have no classy lady earrings, so I need to build my collection. These are all good candidates.

Now on to more jewels.

Long layered necklace from LandonLacey

One Tiny Gold Letter Stacking ring from esdesigns
I've wanted something with an L for my little L. baby for awhile, and these are rings are simple and sweet.

Outside of the jewelry category, just two things.

Ask Me About My Cat from kinshipgoods
I mean, obviously.

And lastly, I just need this tattood to my forehead:

Introverting mug from BrittanyGarnerDesign
Happy birthday to me!

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  1. Ooh - I like a lot of these - especially the necklace and the mug. I might need the mug for work :)


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