Monday, February 9, 2015

January successes

So, pats on the back all around. My goal of making + bringing my lunch to work 4/5 days a week in an effort to save money, has been (so far) successful. In fact, since the beginning of the year I think I've only bought lunch twice! I even tried this kind of weird, but good in a way barbecue chickpea cranberry wrap recipe.

So, I should be rolling in the cash, right? Not yet, but high hopes, my friends.

One of the reasons we need to be strict on spending this year is because we have two vacations planned in 2015 already - to San Francisco and Yosemite in June, and a house in Maine in August. And that's just the planned trips. We tend to add on a few short trips here and there. Actually, today we booked a trip to Portland and Seattle, though that is technically a work trip. A work trip with benefits.

What's more, is L. turns 20 months old today.

So, when our SF/Yosemite trip comes, he will be 2. After he turns 2 we have to pay for a seat on the plane for him. Yikes. I suspect the trips will be pulled back after that time. Sigh. No more jet-setting for you, kid!

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