Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Eggs

When I was little I loved Easter. My mom would buy me a fancy dress, hat, shoes and gloves. So prissy! We'd paint eggs, the Easter Bunny would swing by, and we'd go to church in our Easter best. My dad would hide all the Easter eggs and we'd have our Easter egg hunt.

Now that I'm grown, I didn't think I would introduce Easter to L. We didn't do anything last year, and I felt a bit sad about it, so this year I decided we would do all the Easter, without the going to church.

All the traditions associated with Easter (besides the church part) are fun. I love painting eggs! I love Easter egg hunts! I love Easter Bunnies!

So, we planned to attend the local Easter egg hunt in a local park. I prepped 20 eggs filled with treats to contribute.

And on Saturday morning we went to the park.

This is the only photo from the event. It was VERY windy, and cold, and L. was unhappy. About 0.5 seconds into the hunt, L. had a meltdown. I picked up an egg for him, he wouldn't take it. It was clear this wasn't enjoyable for him, so we left. I gave him our one egg again, and he threw it. It blew away.

Epic fail.

Anyway, we did manage to paint eggs in the afternoon.

I bought one of those Paas kits, but I also tried with food coloring, which actually worked better.

Try this: 1/2 cup boiling water, 1 tbsp of vinegar, 15-20 drops of food coloring.

All the eggs turned out well. At first my plain jane senses were horrified when L. kept putting eggs in multiple bowls of dye, but they turned out beautifully.

With my food colored eggs, I tried marbling them - dye them as above, let them dry. Prepare some more (darker) colors the same way, but add 1 tbsp of olive oil. Swirl around, drop egg in.

Marbled ones on the left.
You probably don't actually need that much olive oil. They are a bit shiny.

Fun was had by all. Mostly me, probably.

Sunday morning, L. discovered that we'd been visited in the night by a Rodent of Unusual Size.

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