Friday, April 3, 2015

How to entertain a baby/young toddler on a plane

As promised, here are some tips for entertaining your baby or young toddler on a plane.

L. does not watch things - he likes short videos, usually songs or short videos about trucks, but he's not about to sit down to a movie or a show longer than 10-15 minutes. So, the key to keeping him happy on a flight is variety.

1. Books

Since his first birthday, Leo has really enjoyed the Roger Priddy books like First 100 Words Lift-the Flap

Full of pictures and flaps for him to explore, I've bought a few of these to keep him occupied.

2. Soft baby puzzles

L's at an age where he enjoys a challenge, and I've found two soft, lightweight puzzles that are perfect for a carry-on bag.

3. Apps

L. is a big fan of a few iPad apps for kids, so buy a pair of kiddie headphones and give these a try:

The World of Eric Carle / On the Farm
Elmo Loves ABCs
Dr. Seuss Treasury
4. Good old activities

Increasingly, L. loves to color, so a coloring book and a bag of markers, crayons and stickers captures his attention for about 15 minutes.

And there you go, about 30 minutes of a flight filled. Good luck!

Do you have any recommendations of your own? We have another west coast trip this summer, so would love to hear what works for you.

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