Monday, August 31, 2015

In the market for: dining chairs

Last summer (a whole year ago!) we arranged the apartment to make better use of our "guest room" (now playroom), add more counter and storage space in the kitchen with an island, and create a "dining room". They were big changes which I didn't document in any way.

We bought a small dining table from West Elm - the tiny Mid-Century Bistro Table.

It is teeny-tiny, and those of you with dining rooms fit for 12 are laughing - I can hear you! But it fits us, and we can even shove 4 adults on it when needed. Though, truth be told, we don't entertain all that much.

A few comments on this table. It is handsome, certainly, but it is delicate. Somehow we managed to scratch it before ever even putting a plate on it, and now with a year of use it's looking increasingly worn. Bummer.

Anyway, in the year that we've had the table, we've been using the crappy Ikea chairs that I bought off Craigslist 7 years ago. They are as ugly as they are uncomfortable.

Yuck. And if you're wondering why none of these chairs are pushed in, it's because the legs of the table are so narrowly spaced that you can't!

It doesn't fit!

Stupid chairs! Or stupid table! I'm not sure who is at fault here.

I've been looking for better chairs for the table for the last 12 months. Preferably something mid-century and not very expensive, but I would also consider something new that suits the table and the apartment. I've found nothing, though. Chairs are expensive, and I don't feel like dropping a grand on chairs.

Further complicating matters is that I have expensive taste. I've known this for a long time. This is my ideal dining chair:

Yeah, those are Moller chairs, this particular set was sold online for about $2,400 apparently.

Also, you'll notice, they probably wouldn't fit in the 13" between legs on my table.

I'm beginning to suspect that I will never buy chairs for this table, and that at some point - if/when we finally move - we will buy a real dining table and chairs. Then we will have a dinner party for 6 people and you're all invited!

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