Monday, August 3, 2015

Nice little Saturday

Ah, my once monthly blog post.

I said a few months ago that I was having a crisis of conscience about showing L's cute face publicly on the internet. Oh well, that's all out the window because I can't resist showing his cute face.

We have such a lovely summer weekend, that I wanted to share. It was gorgeous summer weather - hot but not humid, and perfect for lots of outdoor time.

L. has been admiring bikes for months, but living in a fourth-floor walk-up, with no storage and no outdoor space, we weren't planning on getting him one. Recently, he looked at another child's bike and said "L. want bike". Obviously we melted and died inside. So, I did a little research and found foldable trikes for toddlers which looked like just what he needs. I settled on the Bugatrike and it is perfect.

As you can see, it has no pedals - and he doesn't miss them. He scoots around on this thing like nobody's business, and it makes me so happy to see how much he enjoys it. It folds up super small, and it's lightweight, so easily carried and stored (it even fits underneath the stroller when folded).

As you can imagine, this weekend we spent a lot of time outside on his bike. We went to the playground and the park and the playground again and the park again.

On Saturday there was a block party - which I guess we kinda crashed because it was not our block but the next one up. We took L. there to ride his bike on the closed street, and lo' and behold, there was an open fire hydrant.

We have tried to entice L. into jumping into open hydrants on hot days, or sprinklers, or the splash pad at the park - all to no avail. He is seriously suspicious. But the mix of other kids, a big puddle to jump in (and probably a certain episode of Thomas & Friends that involves puddles), and the excitement of the new bike: and he jumped right in!

After changing into dry clothes and shoes, we headed back out to the park to enjoy an evening picnic with a view.

View from Sunset Park
This is the second Saturday in a row we've had dinner in the park - which is just about the best summer evening tradition you can ask for, if you don't have a yard of your own. This particular park is hopping on a Saturday night, too - as you can see.

Tacos with a view.

Anyhou, an all-around lovely weekend. And bonus, H. took these lovely pics from our roof on Thursday night. Sometimes, living in this city has its perks.

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