Sunday, August 9, 2015

These are the doors I know, I know, I know

This morning my kid woke up at 5, and my cat barfed all over the place. It was not a great start. At 7 we decided to take advantage of the early riser and head over to the nice playground at Owl's Head Park. Sometimes we go early and we're the only kids at the playground. It's pretty great.

It also gave me a chance to take some sneaky photos of some of the doors on our street that I like, without looking like a creep. Like this one, my personal fave.

My neighborhood, which is largely Hispanic and Chinese people now, was once filled with Scandinavian immigrants, and in certain doorways you can still find traces of them

It makes me sad that some of the original building names have been removed. Oh well.

Then there's these.

Looks secure.
These doors are all on my street, in the direction of the river and a more industrial area. If you go east you pass the swankier doors n the brownstones.

I only took one pic of a brownstone door, because people were starting to wake up and, as I said, I didn't want to look like a creep.


  1. Ooh, I want to live in a building named Viking or Valkyrie.

    1. Me too! But... not actually in one of these buildings.


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