Wednesday, September 23, 2015

In the piggy bank

Dear Internet,

Right now, across dozens of sites, there are abandoned shopping carts. Abandoned by me. Probably 3, just today. I admit I love online shopping (H. calls it "secret shopping") and in my efforts to save money, I've loaded up and then skipped town empty-handed. It's so depressing.

Izzy's bagel budget has been slashed.
To aid my efforts, I've taken a couple drastic measures to keep my dollars.

1. I unsubscribed

I'm sorry, Digital Marketers. I have unsubscribed to a boatload of retailer emails lately. I'm a sucker for a sale, and they know it. So, step 1: unsubscribe. I already know it's made a difference. I think the mail guy at work knows something's up because I haven't gotten a package in weeks.

2. I shopped around

I recently discovered something: Amazon Fresh. I am a little unhappy to admit it, but Amazon Fresh - Amazon's grocery service - is kind of amazing. A lot of items are so much cheaper than my local stores, cheaper then Target even, and delivered right to my door at a time I choose. I'm sorry local grocery stores, but you do suck so I'm not that sorry. Get a decent produce section, for goodness sake. I've also made notes where Trader Joe's is cheaper, so I know what to get from TJ's, what to get from Amazon, or what is actually a bit cheaper from a local store. It's more footwork to shop around, but worth it for deals.

 3. I sold some junk on eBay

I hadn't done this in a few years, but I recently sold a bunch of things on eBay - all clothes, and mostly H's old Levi's.

I underestimated the cost on shipping on most items, which was super annoying. In the end, after shipping and eBay and PayPal fees, I probably only made $30. So is it worth it? I dunno. But that's $30 for groceries, I guess. Maybe if I was better at it/had more patience for it, I could do better.

4. I packed my lunch

When I consistently pack my/our lunches, it saves a ton of money, and happily, we've been pretty good about this in the past few weeks. Long-term, this is probably the best money-saving measure I can take.

5. I made dinner

Possibly this should just be 4.1., an addendum to the last trick. We order take out a lot. If you look at my order history on Grub Hub, it's actually embarrassing. Also, I eat a lot of burritos. Alas, the burrito days are over, or at least not as often.

No more begging on the street, kid.
What's next? I would love loooooove LOVE to cancel cable. I dream of telling Time Warner to make like a tree. We have Netflix, we have Chromecast. I'm open to Apple TV or Roku or anything else - but until English Premiere League soccer is available via one of those channels*, I'm afraid we'll have to keep the chord to keep H. happy.

Anyway. That's me. Do you have any more tried and true tips to keep your spending under control?

* - I know that NBC Live Extra does have an app but unless you have a cable subscription you can't access all the games.


  1. ebay tip to maximize profit and minimize effort: send from work.

    1. That's what I did in the olden days but am more wary here because I don't have Thelma to look the other way.

  2. Yay for making dinner and bringing lunch - I've started doing this again too. That said I find this WAY easier in the colder months when you can make a big batch of soup for dinner and then portion the rest to freeze for lunches. Warm months are harder - who wants to eat soup in August??


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