Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween 2015

I love Halloween. What's more fun than dressing up and getting candy? And maybe for a few years between trick or treating as a kid and taking your own kids trick or treating, there are a few great parties.

Two years ago I told you that I believe Halloween costumes should be made and not bought. I still believe it. Back in AUGUST I told H. what L's Halloween costume would be, and went about putting it together. Then comes early October, and I guess L's daycare has been telling him about Halloween, because he informs us of his desire to be something of his own choosing. Something I'm not about to make, and resort to purchasing. There goes my rule about Halloween!

So, we had two Halloweens. Last weekend there was a neighborhood Halloween at the local rec center, where he debuted his mama-chosen costume - say hello to Marty McFly:

Positively dreamy! He wasn't too sure about the puffy vest, so it did take a little coaxing.

Then, flash forward to today - Halloween, and his chosen costume: a monkey!

He LOVED this costume, and has been wearing it for the better part of the last three days. We went trick or treating, and he loved that too - always remembering to say "trick or treat" and always forgetting to say "thank you".

The weird thing about our neighborhood (or, one of the weird things) is that kids don't trick or treat so much at the homes, as they do at the stores. So, we actually went over to the neighboring 'hood. This was my first time trick or treating in New York, and I found it very strange. Where I grew up, you put out your lit jack-o-lantern to indicate that you were handing out candy - that doesn't seem to be the case here - or maybe anymore. It should be the rule! It's impossible to tell who is handing out candy, except by the crowds of kids at some houses.

Finally, we carved three pumpkins of our own (though we didn't hand out candy or put the pumpkins outside at all). We were just having fun.

And so ends another Halloween! Bring on Christmas!

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