Tuesday, October 20, 2015

MCM Menagerie

We are on day 3 of some kind of toddler plague. L. is a wreck - fever, runny nose, he can't sleep, and he's clinging on to me all day. As long as this goes on, and I'm home from work, expect blog posts.

While L. is watching hours of Caillou, I surf the internet. I'm already thinking about Christmas - for my loved ones! Not me, I swear (though my wishlist is always up to date). But, it's always easier for me to find Christmas presents for myself, and yesterday I bookmarked a small menagerie of mid century creatures that I'd love to welcome into my zoo.

1. Arabia Finland polar bear pitcher

via OnWinstonLane / Etsy
I've admired this polar bear before, but he's so cute that I'm sure you don't mind a repeat.
2. Lisa Larson ceramic cat

via mascarajones / Etsy
Cat lady? You know it.
3. Aldo Londi Penguin

via Oshawa66collective / Etsy
I love the yellow belly!
4. Laurids Lonborg teak hedgehog toothpick holder

via VintageModernandMore / Etsy
Adorable, if you have need for something that holds ten toothpicks. Do people keep/serve toothpicks?
5. Fantail hen by Strawberry Hill Werkshop

via ModernSquirrel / Etsy
Simple and wide-eyed!

All of these are far out of my price range, and I'm trying to cut down on the tchotckes around here - but they sure are cute.

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