Tuesday, December 29, 2015

I Made Stuff

This year, I made a couple Christmas presents that were pretty much the most complicated projects I've ever done. I was happy with how they turned out though, and while these aren't great pics, and I should have ironed them before taking photos (!!), I wanted to share with you.

The first was this Amanda's Knitting Bag from Sometimes Crafter on Etsy.

I made this for my mom, who is always knitting and traveling. I love how the zipper holds a little pair of scissors, too:

I hope she enjoys it, because it took a long time, and a few mistakes. And I hate zippers! Ugh,why do I struggle so much with them? And just cutting all the pieces took an entire evening (thanks in part to a toddler who wanted to help...).

The other biggie I made was this yoga mat tote from Sew4Home that I made for my brother's partner, who is a yoga enthusiast and instructor.

This one was fairly simple, but finding thick cotton webbing was kind of difficult.

I used this adorable Birch fabric on the inside:

I'm really sorry I didn't iron these before taking the pics, but the gifts are given now so can't go back.

It had been awhile since I actually finished a project, so making and finishing something felt pretty good! I'm compiling my 2016 goals, one of which will definitely be to sew more!

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