Sunday, January 10, 2016

Coming "clean"

I wasn't going to mention it here, and maybe it's the sugar withdrawals messing with my brain that I am: on January 1 I started the Whole 30. Have you heard of it? It's an eating program (I hesitate to say "diet") where you have no dairy, no sugar, no soy, no grains and no alcohol for 30 days.

I'm on day 10, and it's hard.

Why am I doing this? As I mentioned, I don't like to think this is a "diet" but it's a way for me to try and cut sugar for a month - something I've been trying to do for years. I am a sugar addict. I'm also hoping it will re-set the way I eat, and cook.

One of the hardest parts is all the cooking. It's hard to come home from work and prepare a real meal, with lots of veggies to keep you satisfied. It's hard to plan ahead! But, for ten days I've managed.

(vegan) butternut squash soup, sweet potato fries, homemade garlic aioli

Day 9 was one of the hardest. Walking around the neighborhood, running errands, I felt every bakery I passed. I considered buy L. an eclair so I could live vicariously through him. I dreamt about pizza. I made L. a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch, and it was torture. But I made it through.

I've been thinking about this "clean eating" thing for awhile, and I can believe the benefits. I don't eat a ton of junk (except sugar), but I do love bread and pasta, and wine. And beer. After these 30 days are up (assuming I make it through, which I can't guarantee), I won't continue to this level. But, I'd like to eat more "whole" foods; I'd like to cook more veggies and limit the amount of sugar I'm consuming. But I'd also really like to eat a pizza.

Right now, I'm so sick of eggs. That might be what kills this for me - lack of breakfast options. I don't want chicken for breakfast. I don't want fish, either.

They (the creators of the Whole30) encourage you to be active on social media about your participation, but I haven't and won't (sounds like a marketing ploy to me). But I mention it here to you. I may mention it again.

Wish me luck, please!


  1. HAHAHA think I encouraged you to stop and get a "treat" with coffee. LOL I bought the whole 30 book, but then realized I have zero will power. So I've started tracking my food on my fitness pal again to at least try to keep the calories in check. Wish I could figure out a way to eat more clean foods but I am the pickiest person when it comes to veggies.

    1. You did, bad influence! I was ok though.

    2. P.S. I am also the pickiest eater about veggies! This is making me a bit better.

  2. Oh wow. Wow. I last exactly one day. More power to you.

    1. I would have thought that too, and I don't know by what hidden willpower I'm 17 days in...


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