Saturday, January 30, 2016

I did it! The Whole29! Wait...

I have completed my foray into Whole30 living after 29 days. No, it wasn't that my cravings did me in on the second-last day, it was that I had a business lunch, and I wasn't going to demand a meal made for me within the restrictions of no dairy, no grains, no sugar, no soy, etc.

Bagels... Girls, I missed you.

Even though I opened my mouth and heart to cheese on day 29, I maintained no sugar until day 30 (my last bite of sweet gold being on December 30). That means I successfully went sugar-free for a month! I did it!

In case you don't realize how hard that is: there is sugar in everything. There is sugar in most chicken and vegetable stock. There is sugar in bread. There is sugar in tonic water. There is sugar everywhere. I made my own ketchup! And it was good!

Today, in celebration of my success, I ate some delicious dark chocolate. And it was good. And I ate a grilled cheese sandwich. And it was good. Tonight, I will order burritos. They will be extremely good.

Tacos, from happier times
H. asked me what I thought after the end of this. Well, I don't feel super-charged or anything. I have lost a tiny bit of weight, but I think that's from less snacking (because fewer options). It did help me get into the practice of better meal-planning, incorporating better, healthier sides at dinner, and having veggies in-hand.

Above all, I'm happy that I avoided sugar for so long. No doubt, my longest experience without sugar since I started eating solid foods.

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