Thursday, January 7, 2016

More musings on 2016

I've been thinking about my last post. Truly things I want to accomplish this year, certainly - but are they the realest, most true goals? Maybe, but there's more.

This year, I want to hold my tongue less and speak my mind more.

idgaf (Izzy don't give a f*ck)

I want to call b.s. when I see it. Even if it scares me to do it.

Some people who know me (I hope) are surprised to hear me say that - sometimes, I am vocal about my thoughts. But there's a lot I hold back.

I want to follow my gut instinct more. I think I have a good one, and often when I don't follow it, I regret it.

Where does this all come from? It's a mix of being sick of seeing things you think aren't right or fair, with being at a point where I can honestly feel comfortable with the understanding that some people won't like me.

WWGD (what would Ganesh do?)
Right, so that's me. Maybe this is a "personal growth" goal for 2016.

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