Sunday, January 31, 2016

My start and end as a fashion blogger.

At Thanksgiving, my mom brought down some old outfits that belonged to my great aunt, who died in 2012. It was from her that I inherited my Inuit art (and probably my appreciation for it), as well as some other tchotkes and books that I display around the apartment.

My great aunt had an appreciation for quality, in her art and decor, and in her clothes. The clothes that my mom brought me at Thanksgiving are all well made, from boutiques that (I'm sure) were located in Toronto's Yorkville area. They are, however, very 1970s.

Back in the 9th grade, some friends and I somehow convinced our history teacher that we should submit a video of the fashions of the 1960s. Somehow, my teacher was willing to let us out of class to work on this video, and to accept this video as "work". We went to Goodwill - especially "Buy the Pound" in Toronto (anyone remember that place?!) and bought a variety of clothes we thought were very 60s - bell bottoms, polyester shirts, etc. We then created a video of ourselves walking a catwalk wearing these clothes. I was 15 and awkward, with bad posture that I hoped would hide the fact that I was busty, and long, long hair to hide the fact that I was unfashionable. I really hope that video no longer exists.

Anyway, here is part two, featuring just me - still awkward! Displaying the fashions of the 1970s...

 Here I am wearing a blue suede number - it weighs about 10lbs. It has a matching polyester shirt, and cool golden buttons and embellishments. As you can see, our model couldn't be bothered to put makeup on, or shoes, or tights. Hey, it's Sunday, all those things are unnecessary.

Perhaps this is rayon, and it also comes with a kooky little scarf that I forgot to put on. I actually like this pleated skirt, though the length doesn't really suit me. As you'll notice, our model found some shoes to wear.

Here's a nice look for the January board meeting. It's got a woolly, textured look, but I believe it's a synthetic material. Our model continues to wear shoes, but no makeup, and apparently has lost her neck. Tyra would be so mad.

I actually kinda like this jacket. Not really my style, or color palette (ie not a shade of black), but it's cute. It also has nice bone buttons. I have no idea how to edit the glare out of my specs, so I look particularly geeky.

Finally, evening wear!

I was actually given this years ago, and I love it always and forever. It even used to fit me (read: before pregnancy), but now it doesn't zip all the way. L. likes when I wear it and said I look like a princess, so obviously I gave him $200 and promised he would always be my favorite and that I will leave all my worldly belongings to him.

And thus ends my fashion blogging career, as well as my modelling career.


  1. I was 90% Paleo for 8 months and every day I kept waiting for that amazing burst of energy to hit me. It never did. However, I did lose almost 30 pounds, so that's something. (Of course I gained it all back - and then some - the second I started eating carbs, regular sugar, and other no-nos.) The thing I hated most about cutting all that stuff out was how obsessive I felt. I had an eating disorder in high school (anorexic) and there were days where I recognized my 16 year old self ... totally scary. That's why I say I was only 90% Paleo because when I started feeling like maybe I was being just a bit too obsessive, I'd eat bread or pasta just to show myself that I could. The sugar thing was really hard because as you said, sugar is in everything. The no fruit rule was hard too because who doesn't think it's okay to eat a damn apple or orange?

    1. Also, I dreamed about cake ... and I don't really love cake.


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