Monday, February 8, 2016

A visit to Washington, DC and Old Town Alexandria

Last week we traveled down to Washington, DC for a few days. I had a work thing, so H. and L. did some sight-seeing.

Once I was done work, I had an afternoon and a morning for some sightseeing myself. We went to the National Museum of the American Indian. I can't tell you at all if this is a great museum, though I suspect it is. However, L. was sucked into the imagiNATIONS Activity Center, and that's all we did. But that was fine. And he chose a Stress Llama as a souvenir - child after my own llama-loving heart.

As we left that museum, L. fell asleep, which gave us the good fortune of having almost 2 hours in the National Gallery of Art!

My favorites were the early American paintings, but also the Whistlers and the Sargents, of course. We also saw the current exhibition, Powers and Pathos: Bronze Sculpture of the Hellenistic World, which was excellent too.

Had L. been awake, none of this would have happened. Or; none of it would have happened easily. Lucky timing.

Aside from all the, you know - art, the National Gallery itself is a beautiful building, and I took all opportunities to snap some creepster shots through the galleries.

Then, on Saturday we went to see Old Town Alexandria, where we were given a fantastic itinerary by Alex from Old Town Home, who also met us for some hot drinks after our tour! After we left, H. said to me "he's like a totally normal person." I'm not sure what he was expecting... but it was nice to meet you, Alex!

Old Town Alexandria is just as beautiful and charming as it looks on Old Town Home, and if I hadn't had a grumpy toddler or a train to catch, I could have easily dropped several dollars in any of the shops along King Street. Another time...

It was also super easy to get to without a car. We took the DC Metro (which is easy with a stroller!), and then the free trolley from the station.

Washington, DC is such a nice place to visit, even if it's for work. It's easy to get around, and because the museums are (almost) all free, I don't feel bad if I can only see part of the collection in one visit. I was also surprised at how the museums even have activities for little kids - the imagiNATIONS Activity Center mentioned above, but the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum even has story time for little kids (L. learned all about the sun!).

Also, they have Nando's in DC, so we ate there twice, and L. loved it too.

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