Monday, February 15, 2016

bdays and vdays

I've mentioned before - probably every year, that I (smugly) don't celebrate Valentine's Day, because it's too close to my birthday. But I couldn't help but buy these adorable llama Valentines for L's class from the Paper Source.

Something you may not know - but should: I like llamas and alpacas.

Anyway, I couldn't resist this llama Valentine kit, even if L. could not care less.

Which I dutifully decorated and stuffed for all L's teachers and classmates, and all my friends (some are still in the mail!).

Friday we celebrated my birthday, and H. put on quite a show.

And Superman himself helped me blow out my many, many candles.

Today (a holiday here - an added birthday bonus) we dropped off some things for custom framing, thanks to my parents' generous birthday gift! I love custom framing, and can't wait to get my pictures back!

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