Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Phone cases!

About 18 months into having my iPhone 5, the stupid thing started having problems. Last winter, amid the "polar vortex", it would shut down if it got too cold. Then, it would shut down at about 30% battery. Slowly, it got worse and worse... shutting down if the battery was less than 50%, or if I took too many (too many = 2) photos, or if I used the map too much. I can hardly hear anything on it if I take a call on it. Then, this past weekend, it shut down with about 90% battery. That was it.

My contract with my phone provider actually ended in September, and I've been eligible for an upgrade since then. But I've waffled, because I've had such a bad experience with this iPhone, I wasn't sure I wanted another one.

On Sunday I reluctantly went into the store and signed a new contract with my phone provider, and got a new iPhone 6s. They assured me its battery was better than the 5, and I hope they're right. I chose the "rose gold" option - or pink, as I call it.

Now comes the fun part: choosing an iPhone case (so I will never see the pink, I guess). When it comes to phone cases, I'm a one and done gal. I buy one when I get the phone, and I never change it: so it's a 2 year commitment.

Anyway, I've been browsing Society6 for *the* case, and am currently admiring these ones:


On the left: A Lot of Cats by Kitten Rain
On the right: Furr Division Cats by Tobe Fonseca

Twin Peaks

On the left: Welcome to Twin Peaks by Justin Cybulski
On the right: Diane, Dale Cooper's Tape Recorder by Welcome to Twin Peaks


On the left: Llamas by Sophie Corrigan
On the right: The Alpacas II by Littleoddforest


On the left:  Midnight Florals by Creative Index
On the right: Floral by A. Vogler


On the left: Five Birds tori no iro by Birdnimal

On the right: Birds by Claire Stamper


On the left: Atym by Spires
On the right: Tangled by Anita Ivancenko

What do you think? Are you a one-case person, or do you like to change it up?


  1. I'm the same with cases for phones! Once I pick one that's it unless it gets damaged. That being said I love the floral one on the left or the abstract one on the left. But I'm also cheap so I purchased mine from Target! It was a Kate Spade knock off but I have received so many compliments for it! lol

    1. My last one was from Target, and it served me well! I don't think it was much cheaper than these though - I'm actually wondering why phone cases are so pricey... I love the floral one on the left too, so pretty. Would also make nice wallpaper!

  2. I'm a one phone case girl too. I'm dying a little over the tape recorded one - that's very funny :)

    1. Twin Peaks is my all time, favorite-est ever show (if you know it, you'll know the tape recorder too!)


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