Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Saddest Songs, Vol. 1

With my new phone I'm updating my playlists because now I have room! And I've filled it up with lots and lots of Diana Ross & The Supremes, of course. I was reminded of university, when I wanted to make a mix tape of the World's Saddest Songs - because one of thee saddest songs ever is I'm Living in Shame.

So, here is Volume 1 of The World's Saddest Songs: I'm Living in Shame by Diana Ross The Supremes.

If you can't listen, here's the story: a girl grows up being ashamed of her mother and their poverty, but her mother works so hard to give her a good life. The girl grows up, marries, lies about her mother, has a baby. Then, her mom dies while making jam, never having known her grandchild. Are you crying?

I also wanted to make a mix of stalker songs - that's for another post, I guess.

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