Monday, March 28, 2016

Dyeing Easter Eggs

Hands down, my favorite thing about Easter is painting Easter eggs. I admit that I had to convince L. to get to work on painting his eggs this year, but once he got started he loved it.

I like to blow-out my eggs, instead of hard boiling them. The benefits of blowing them out are: 1) they last longer (forever, maybe) and 2) they don't break as easily when dropped, because they are so lightweight.

I saw a pin on Pinterest on "how to blow out Easter eggs", and had to scoff. Here's a brief tutorial; poke a hole at the top with a pin or small nail or screw, then poke a hole at the bottom. Then blow, blow, blow. You're welcome.

Facetime + egg dye
I bought a Pas kit this year, and I made my own colors with food coloring. The food coloring dyes worked much better than the kit, but all the eggs turned out beautifully.

I used this incredibly helpful McCormick Easter Egg Dyeing Guide to make my colors, though when it's a 2.75 year old artist, you get the multicolored beauties we have here. Here's our technique - just drop them into different colors for varying amounts of time, and voila! Move over Martha Stewart!

L. was (rightfully!) proud of his creations, as was I.

My little artist also had to take his own snaps of the process. Most of the pics are blurry, but he loves to be behind the lens.

All that work! However, come Easter morning L. could not be bothered looking for the eggs that the Easter Bunny dutifully hid, because he found a remote control car in his basket and it is the most important thing in the world at the moment. It even had to lie in bed for storytime with us last night...

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