Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Score: Brass (ish?) Trunks

Last weekend as we were walking back from the playground, I stopped in my tracks and said to H. "I want that!" Up ahead, outside my favorite neighborhood junk shop was a brass trunk. I've coveted these things for years, but they run upwards of $200-$1000 out in the real world.

I marched right in and bought it. The shopkeeper/purveyor of junk said she had two, but alas I only wanted one, simply because I couldn't carry both. It has a glass top, she said, but I rejected it. I dragged that bad boy the seven blocks home.

Look! I said to the internet. And then all night I thought about the other box. If I want to use these as side tables, two is necessary. The next day, obviously, I marched right back to the den of detritus and bought the shiny companion

I know what you're thinking, and yes, I'm trying to declutter. These actually make great storage, so justified, right? And I'm thinking that when we move I will either use them as bedside tables in the guest room that I have imagined in my head, or as side tables if we get a new, dark couch one day.

But my immediate concern was that their previous owner had stuck these stupid sticky things on top, because they had been using a glass top on them.

And they were solidly on there. I asked the internet, and my friend Christopher suggested a hair dryer, followed by Goo Gone, which apparently everyone in the world knows about.

It worked like a charm - how did Christopher know that?

Guess who was helping me?


A little Barkeeper's Friend, and they were looking better and better.

They are pretty scratched up, frankly. And I don't think they are brass, but stainless steel with some kind of plating. But I do love them, and I'm pretty chuffed with this junk shop score.

For now they sit and wait for our move, but they are useful for storing some throws, winter accessories, and of course: a pile of books each.

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  1. Solid Gold Brass


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