Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Scoop

I was on a roll there with regular posting. I even made myself a blog calendar so I could get into the habit of updating more, but then went momentarily silent. What happened? Not really anything, but I will give you on an update on happenings in our neck of the woods.

Celebrity Sighting?
Well, on the smallish level, I got a framing gift certificate from my parents for my birthday, and I finally got this poster framed! It's been sitting in a tube for 2 years, and I am so happy with how it turned out.

This photo is a total lie, because I have nowhere to put it, and it isn't hanging as of yet. In fact, it sits and waits for our big planned move, which leads me to my next point.

Which is that we are house hunting. Our plan to move and rent has become a plan to move and buy. It just makes more sense fiscally at the moment. I was hesitant to mention it here, in case everything goes belly-up, but there it is. It may still go belly-up.

We have spent the last couple weekends driving out to the 'burbs to look at houses. The first weekend we saw one we both loved, but we hesitated because it felt "too soon", and we lost out. Last weekend we saw another that we both liked - though it needs work - but the seller is being stubborn on one sticking point (an underground oil tank), so we've had to keep looking.

No more playgrounds under highways in our future.
I get it now; the stress of buying a home. Besides the money, the responsibility, all the factors at play in moving to the suburbs (buying a car!), there's also the timing. We are entering spring where more houses will be available, for a higher price, and we're racing against a clock of our lease expiration at the end of June. But I leave that to the fates.

I am so excited about the move, the home that we can call our own and paint and update do whatever we want with. A backyard that I could be - as soon as this summer - sitting in, drinking lemonade, watch L. play in a paddle pool. I'm so confident in the town we've chosen - with every visit there we like it more.

So there we are. If I've been quiet, it's because I'm plotting. I'm on Pinterest like crazy, dreaming of my future home (follow me there? I'll keep you updated in time on our progress, please wish us luck!


  1. That is some big news! I hope you find a gem!

  2. Ohhhh house hunting is so exhausting and exciting at the same time! I cried when we first walked away from the Forever Home because I hated it so much but Branko loved it. LOL Look at us now. hahaha

    1. ha! I think it's because I read so many (too many?) DIY blogs like yours that I look at some of these places and think "I could do something with this...". We shall see!


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