Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Declutterfication and other updates

Did you notice that in the month of March I failed to share a sewing project? Well, yes, I did. When I said in January that I would attempt 12 new projects in 12 months, I didn't necessarily say one per month, though I certainly imagined it. In the madness of March, I did actually attempt at a small sewing project, which failed somewhat. I suppose I should share it, regardless of failure, at some point.

And then, another of my 2016 goals was decluttering. Last week, I started to tackle books.

I have a lot of books. H. has even more books. There was a time in my life where I held on to every book; it didn't matter if I even liked the book. But I kept it. And then, something changed. I had to dust those books, and I had to face moving those books. And so, I began to cull.

Now I comb through my bookshelves and I ask myself "does this book mean anything to me?", "did I enjoy this book?" and I face the hard truth: "am I ever going to read this book?" And then I pull.

And there we are.

Last weekend we had someone from a moving company come and give us a quote for how much it will cost to move all our stuff, the accumulation of 7.5 years in this apartment, on the fourth floor, four flights of stairs. Which means, yes: we are moving.

If you follow me on Twitter you may have noticed that I told the world that we have notified our landlord that we won't be renewing our lease. A terrifying prospect.

I am terrified of spilling the beans on recent happenings, in case everything falls apart, but we are trying to/in the process of buying a house. In New Jersey. Details to come when I feel like everything is set in stone, but I'm on edge and nervous about every step, and believe in the power if jinxing myself.

And there you have it. Exciting prospects but vague on details. So please, say a prayer, light a candle, check your runes, consult your Farmer's Almanac and send us some very good vibes on this transaction, while I continue to cull cull cull to bring that moving quote down a nudge.

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