Monday, April 11, 2016

Dining Room Chairs, Part 59

It probably comes as no surprise that the prospect of having a house, this particular house, sends my mind into a tizzy about how I'll decorate it. Truth be told, once (if) this all happens, we'll be poor for some time. But a girl can dream, right?

It's hard to prioritize what we will need first. I told H. last night that we need a patio set and kids' paddle pool first (it will be July). And that's probably right, because we want to take full advantage of having a yard asap.

But I'm still on the lookout for dining chairs for our little dining table.

I'm still using these crappy, uncomfortable Ikea chairs.

For me, in the new place, replacing these has become a priority. Last summer, when I originally wrote about this problem, I was leaning towards vintage chairs, but today I'm thinking vintage-style chairs, but new.

Right now, I love these Alfa Dining Chairs from DwellStudio

But $2500 for a set of 4 is kind of more than I want to spend at the moment. So, enter the knock-offs.

Target has the Sullivan Mid Century Chair, 4 for just over $500.

They look pretty good, right? The reviews are ok. They are a definite 'maybe'.

Finally, also from the knock-off column, we have these LexMod Hans Wegner Style Elbow Dining Side Chair with Faux Leather Seat

$137 each, so we'd be looking at $550ish for 4. I like these a lot, but actually don't think the seat would fit between our table's stupidly narrow legs.  

I guess I'm leaning towards the Target Sullivan chairs. But that leads me to more dining room thoughts, which is a rug.

What are your thoughts on rugs beneath dining tables? Do they get gross with spills?

I've said before that one of my biggest regrets after our 2008 trip to Turkey was that we didn't buy a rug. But, thank goodness for eBay, right? I'm thinking about something wildly bright, since my table, possibly my chairs, and my credenza are all so dark and brown. 

I love this one, from eBay

So bright and colorful! But maybe too bright and colorful?
This one is similar, but a little more muted
So, there you have it. My new house dining room visions. Now I just need the house.


  1. I'm kind of surprised with a kid and a cat that you're thinking of upholstered chairs, but let me know if you come across some 16" wide light wood finish dining chairs that don't creak.

    1. This is a good point. The kid isn't as big a problem, it's easy enough to cover a chair for a kid's use. But the cat is kind of a jerk who destroys upholstery... need to think about this...


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