Thursday, June 2, 2016

Apartment Memories

With just about 6 weeks left in the apartment, I have often found myself reminiscing about our time here. I've also found myself making lists in my head of all the things I won't miss.

We've lived in this apartment since January 2009. Or at least I have. I moved in first, because H. was still in England. I have lived here approximately two weeks longer than he has.

Have I ever told you the story of how we found this place?

In late 2008, H. and I were long-distance engaged. He lived in London, and I was in New York. We worked for the same company, and found out late in 2008 that they would transfer him to the New York office.

The plan was that he would move here in early February 2009. So, during a visit in early January, he and I set out to find ourselves a place to live. We looked at 5 apartments in one night, mostly around the neighborhoods of Kensington and South Slope in Brooklyn, but finally we looked at the one that became ours, in Sunset Park.

As soon as we walked in, we knew it was the one. It was so big, and so clean. It had so many windows, and closets! We told the landlords immediately that we were interested.

I recently dug out the photos we took that night.

And those empty rooms became:


And all the memories! This is the place that we came home to after our wedding, and where we brought L. home from after he was born. It's where we decided to get a secret cat, against out lease.

And where we've kept his presence hidden for the last 6 years! It's the only home L. and Izzy have ever known, and the only home H. and I have ever lived in together, so of course it is bittersweet to start to say good-bye.

And then, every day I'm reminded of all the bad parts: Izzy is illegal, for one. We live above a 24-hour deli - which is convenient but also annoying (think cabbies drinking coffee outside at 4 am, or fights, which are pretty regular). It also attracts little creepy crawly roommates that we need to stay on top of. We also live on a heavily traveled avenue, often used as an alternative to a highway, which is as noisy and busy and awful as you can imagine. We watch cars run red lights without a care in the world. Then there's our negligent landlord - I can't tell you how many times we've had to "remind" them what the legally-mandated minimum temperatures for the apartment and the water need to be...

All in all, so excited (and nervous) about what our new house will include, but thinking back fondly on this apartment we've called home for 7.5 years.

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