Monday, July 18, 2016

New House Tour: My Retro Kitchen

This house was built in the early 1930s, and (according to a neighbor) hasn't had many different owners in its lifetime, and it shows. One of the reasons why it was so affordable, and also why it appealed to us, is that it hasn't been updated very much. In one of the crawlspaces we even found a very dusty old washing board - I'll take a picture of it one day after H. crawls into that spider pit and retrieves it.

The most obviously dated room is the kitchen.

excuse the mess

Having just bought a house, and a car, I don't have the funds to renovate this baby for awhile, but it needs it. The appliances are new-ish, but those cupboards! OMG.

cherry-patterned window treatment came with the house
I have some wild ideas of how to live with these for a couple years, until a kitchen reno might be on the cards. Paint them white, replace the hardware (including hinges!). Still more work than I want to do right at this moment, on this 95 degree day though.

I'm also entertaining the idea of removing the beadboard, and replacing the counters with Ikea butcher-block. But removing that beadboard seems ambitious.

I'm not really a hardcore diy-er. Or, I don't think I am - though I haven't really had the opportunity to discover if I am. Please, point me towards any and all "win a kitchen makeover" competitions. Major hardware stores, come at me with your sponsorships. Bob Villa, I'm right here, baby. Barring any of those opportunities happening, I'll keep my visions small for the moment, and see where we end up. For now, I'm happy to have so much room, and so many cupboards.

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