Thursday, July 14, 2016

Painting the new house

Here I am, resident of New Jersey. Will I ever get used to saying that? It's still weird that I'm not adding "apt. 4A" to my address forms.

Last Sunday, we packed up all our belongings, and said good-bye to that apartment.

In the days after we closed on the house, and before we moved, we came in to do some painting. I'll share with you the pics, albeit with the following warnings: these pictures suck. They were quick photos - I didn't sit and wait for the right light and the perfect moment.

First we painted what will be our TV room/play room. It was a yellowish-green color.

And now it's teal - a Behr paint color called Real Teal.

Then, the room that will be our office. It was beige.

It is now charcoal. I don't remember the actual paint name, but if you really want to know I could go look. It is also by Behr.

Finally we painted L's room. It wasn't really that bad - painted in a very Pinterest-y kind of way with green stripes. It just wasn't my style.

It's now a dark blue color, which is called English Channel by Behr.

I debated taking off that weird chair rail. Why have a chair rail in a bedroom? But when I looked at it, it seemed like too much work - which is why I will never really make it as a diy blogger.

Also, yes, this photo was taken before we did touch ups - that stupid chair rail made painting a hassle.

I'm very happy with how all these colors turned out, and will probably do more painting in the coming months. Just wait until you see my kitchen!

Now we're four days in the house, and loving it. We're still unpacking - without any exaggeration, H. has been unpacking his books for the last 36 hours. I've hardly had a moment for a tweet or an Instagram, but I stole this quiet moment while L. is napping to post something here for you.

More to come soon, I promise!

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